Sunday, March 25, 2012

My first day at CHOP was insane. Emotions were all over the place. I think I yelled at everyone I laid eyes on at some point during that day. Then I walked into the Ronald McDonald kitchen to look around and thats when I met her. Her name is Christine. We introduced ourselves and asked the infamous question.."What does your child have?". I noticed she knew where everything was and knew her way around the place and thats when she told me she was here for a second time. I was speechless. Shes going through this again..OMG!!...How is she still sane?...She showed me around and for the first time I felt not completely alone. We had coffee every morning,noon and night together while we were there. We joked around,yelled at doctors,helped eachother when needed and tried to keep eachother sane. If you ask her she will probably tell you she didnt do much...but to me she did  EVERYTHING. I honestly dont think I would have been able to get through any of my time there without her. Michael may be my angel..but she is my lifesaver. If she is reading this I want her to know that her friendship saved my heart,my head and my life.

She now needs my help. I may be a former CHOP MOM but Im ready to be by her side for whatever she needs me to do. I love her and her to my friend Christine...Im READY!!