Monday, July 23, 2012


I was told once that on one hand you can count your true best friends. The people that REALLY know you(faults and all) and still want to be your friend. This is EXTREMELY true in the case of my best friend Sheila. For those of you who know me know the funny story of how we became friends. For those of you who dont let me enlighten you.

Sheila and I went to the same high school and knew of eachother but didnt hang out or anything. When I was 17 I started dating my first real boyfriend named Michael. We went out for a year and then broke up,got back together,you know the drill. Well one night I was out with my friends and saw him pull up to the same place I was...with another girl in the car....that girl being Sheila...we didnt know it at the time but we were both dating him at the same time. Now nether of us knew about eachother at the instead of going the usual route of girls fighting and screaming over the same man...We dumped his ass and became friends. We have been friends ever since.

The reason I tell this story is because of all the shit that has gone on in our
arguments....heartbreaks..families...our friendship has never changed. We have alot of things in common now more than ever. We have children...we've had cancer in our family...but we ALWAYS have eachother.

We still joke that we cant ever be apart bc we have too much dirt on eachother..LOL..oh and we still plan to send flowers to that guy to thank him for bringing us together..;)