Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Fathers Day Daddy!!!

Happy Fathers Day to every wonderful Dad that I know...especially my own.

I am an official Daddys girl. Always have been and for people that are lucky enough to know my Dad they know why. Hes wonderful. Hes sweet. Hes stubborn as a mule but most of all is he is my hero. I would usually say that my twin is the only person who can tell what Im going to say before I say it but Dad and I are pretty much the same way. I dont have to tell him when Im upset,or happy,or scared. He just knows..sometimes even before I do.

Im told that I look the most like him and I find that to be a huge compliment. To me my Dad is the most handsome man ever.  He has the power to make me feel better with just one hug(ok and a kiss on the forehead). When he finds something to be really funny and laughs his whole face lights up like a Christmas tree. Now dont get me wrong he is not perfect...LOL...He is stubborn...he tells Dad jokes(you all know what I mean by that..LOL) and when he thinks hes right about something you can talk to him til youre blue in the face and he will not back down..but thats what makes him Dad..MY Dad.

What makes my Dad even more special is that he makes one hell of a Pop Pop. Watching him with Joey is amazing. He tells me Joey is alot like him when he was little and that makes me smile bc if he turns out to be anything like my Dad he will be AWESOME!!!.

I tell my Dad pretty much everyday that I love him. What he doesnt always hear from me is that I respect him....and look up to him.....and that he is my hero.

So to my wonderfully stubborn,handsome and funny Dad....I LOVE YOU!!!...Happy Fathers Day!!

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